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Valentine’s Day Sex

By Emma Morgan

February 2, 2022

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Valentine's Day Sex

Sex on His Lap

For many couples, Valentine's Day can be an opportunity to rekindle their physical relationship.

A physical relationship that may have suffered over many years of being together and that seems to have slowly slipped away.

Valentine's Day sex can give it the kickstart that it needs.

The sexual relationship between couples can certainly fade with time and this can be caused by many factors. Can you relate to any of these?

  • You have children and their needs always come first. Not to mention that the privacy you used to have is gone. The privacy that meant you could have sex wherever and whenever you wanted, could take as long as you needed and be as loud as you liked.
  • You are just plain tired all the time. Where once upon a time, you couldn't wait to get into bed and have sex, all you want now is undisturbed sleep.
  • Even when you do have sex it's, well, boring. Same old, same old. You never try anything new and neither of you is brave enough to suggest something different.
  • The fact is that you just don't get aroused like you used to. Is it physical or is it all in the mind? It doesn't really matter. The effect is the same. He's not as hard as he used to be. She's not as wet as she used to be and her orgasms are either not as intense or non-existent.
  • Valentine's Day sex used to be a given, but now you're lucky if it's remembered with a card.

Tackle Each Issue Separately

Sex Standing Up

It's a really great idea to plan your Valentine's day in advance, removing each issue in turn that would otherwise impact negatively on great Valentine's Day sex. For example:

You Have Children

Yes, their needs are always going to come first. But that doesn't mean yours aren't important. Make sure that there will be a time today when you have the place to yourself and won't be disturbed. It doesn't have to be in the evening. A matinee can be an exciting change. Just organize well in advance for the kids to be somewhere else then.

You're Tired All the Time

It sounds obvious, but try to get more sleep. If you're having trouble falling asleep, learn a specific meditation technique and try 30 minutes of meditation before going to bed. It can calm your active mind and help you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Boring Sex

Well, this one really is under your control. There are so many things you can do to spice up your boring sex life. And yes, introducing a third person into the relationship is one possibility, but not one to be jumped into without a lot of discussion and planning beforehand. I might do a separate article on this, but I'm not suggesting it for your new approach to Valentine's Day sex.

The easiest way to add some extra dimension to your sex life is with adult sex toys.

And there's two ways to acquire them.

Anonymously, through the internet or personally at a sex shop.

But, no matter which way you choose, one thing is really important.

Do it together

I promise you that you'll each find out stuff about the other that will amaze and surprise you. And you'll both have a great sense of anticipation and will be looking forward to trying out the toys.

Get Aroused

Sexual Embrace

It's natural to become less aroused by sex as you get older and as the thrill of a new relationship wears off.

But this one is under your control too.

There is a great range of natural products that address this  exact issue for both men and women.

And I've put the best of them into two special Valentine's Day Sex Packs, one for men and one for women, at over 20% off the price of purchasing the products individually. Plus an extra free gift with each pack.

But if you want them in time for Valentine's Day, you'll have to hurry. Get them here:

Valentine's Day Bundle for Men

Valentine's Day Bundle for Women

Toys to Consider

If you haven't explored toys before, you will be astounded at the range and variety on offer. Here are some you should consider:

  • Vibes. Short for vibrator. Generally designed to vibrate inside the vagina and against the clitoris to achieve female orgasm.
  • Clit Stimulator. An alternative to a vibe, uses suction to stimulate the clitoris directly.
  • Dildo. Shaped to look like a penis and used for female and male stimulation. Come in a variety of sizes and colors. Can also be a vibrator.
  • Butt Plug. For male and female and come in a variety of sizes. Inserted into the anus to stimulate all the nerve endings there. Start small and work your way up!
  • Lube Syringe. A plastic syringe designed to deliver a load of lube (water-based or coconut oil) directly into the anus for butt plug play or anal intercourse.
  • Wrist and Ankle Restraint. Many couples have discovered the excitement of handing over control to their partner. The wrist and ankle restraint holds one person in a doggy style position with their head and shoulders on the floor and their butt in the air, with their wrists and ankles restrained by velcro straps. Also a great position for a little light BDSM.


For the best Valentine's Day sex you've ever had, get one of both of our sex packs:

Valentine's Day Bundle for Men

Valentine's Day Bundle for Women

or go to our HOME PAGE, where you'll see that they are our discounted products of the week. But please do hurry.

Emma Morgan

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I'm Emma Morgan and I'm a happy, healthy and confident woman. But it wasn't always that way. A messy divorce left me shattered and with low self-esteem. I was unhappy, overweight and drinking far too much. I went through a detox program and followed that up with good diet and regular exercise. I take some all natural supplements that help with various aspects of my life and can honestly say I've never felt better.

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