November 17


Increase Female Libido with Supplements

By Emily Freeman

November 17, 2020

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Increase Female Libido

I was 13 when my girlfriend Lisa and I snuck out one evening to catch a local band called Satan's Bad Boys.

We'd told our Moms that we were staying at each other's houses for the evening. That is, I'd told my Mom I was staying at her place and she told her Mom she was staying at my place. That was never gonna get found out, was it?


Anyway, there was no way either of us would be allowed to go.

The band name by itself was enough but the lead singer, Alex, had a local reputation around sex and drugs. Not someone likely to be a role model for a good Catholic girl.

Especially one who was developing a nice pair of tits with over sensitive nipples and who had started waking up every morning with a wet pussy.

Which is actually the point (I nearly said "climax") of this story.

The last thing I needed was an increase in my female libido.

We got to the gig and it was packed to its maximum capacity of around 100. Pretty much all teenage girls. We were among the youngest and I was beside myself with excitement.

Satan's Bad Boys

Satan's Bad Boys

The band was on stage and warming up. So was I. I caught a glimpse of Alex moving some microphones around and I could have sworn my body was on fire.

"We need to be closer," I said to Lisa.

Lisa was 14 and tough. She'd bailed me out at school a few times and she had a reputation. She wasn't someone to tangle with lightly.

"Follow me," said Lisa and started pushing through the crowd. One girl objected but Lisa fixed her with a glare and a challenging "Fuck off, bitch" and she backed down. We ended up around 3 girls back from the stage.

Wet with Excitement

We got there just in time.

Satan's Bad Boys had finished warming up and had swung into their first number.

The drums and the guitars were hammering out a beat and my body was reverberating to the same vibrations. I was screaming. I was vaguely aware of Lisa screaming beside me. I was totally aware of Alex. He was screaming too, but had a microphone that he was almost swallowing. His other hand was gripping his crotch.

I couldn't hear the lyrics but it didn't matter. My body knew that it was all about SEX, SEX, SEX! Talk about something to increase female libido. It was all I could do not to grab my own crotch in response.

Alex was strutting up and down the stage and reaching down to touch the hands of all the girls who were reaching up to touch him.

Then he stood on the very edge of the stage with his back to us and just started leaning back until he was almost overbalancing. I was screaming myself hoarse. We all were.

It was like slow motion.

I watched as Alex slowly, slowly toppled over backwards into a sea of teenage girls' hands, mine amongst them. He was still screaming lyrics into the mike as his body gave itself over to us.

While I don't remember doing it, I must have bullied my way closer to him. I could've trampled someone and been completely unaware of it.

I had one hand on his butt cheek and the other on his crotch. Though I'd never seen one, I knew what an erection was and I could feel Alex's through his jeans. My own crotch was on fire.

The rest of the evening passed in a blur. Lisa and I knew that our lie would've been found out by now and we were in for some trouble at home, but we just didn't care.

I could barely walk. Lisa had her arm around me and I had mine around her. We were on a side street near our homes. No one else around.

Two Girls Kissing

"Jesus, Em, look at you. You're wet," said Lisa. I saw where she was looking, and it was true. My jeans were showing a big wet patch where my pussy had leaked. It was still on fire. I'd never had a feeling like that before, except maybe in half remembered dreams just before waking up.

"I know exactly what you need, girlfriend," whispered Lisa, as she slid her hand down the front of my jeans and kissed me full on the lips...

Unfortunately, my partner on this site, says I can't give you more details here as it would definitely take us into XXX territory, so I'll have to leave it to your imagination.

All I can say is that it took about 10 seconds before I was shaking with my first ever waking orgasm and that it was the best feeling that had ever happened to me.

And in case you're wondering, yes we were sprung, I was grounded for a month and forbidden to associate with Lisa ever again. That was never going to happen, seeing as we saw each other at school every day, but it did limit us and we gradually drifted apart.

Worse, though, was the lecture. Though my parents never found out exactly what had happened between Lisa and me, I was made to feel dirty and ashamed. It was as if God himself had been personally let down by me giving in to my baser emotions. Didn't I know that sex was inherently dirty, something to be ashamed of and to be resisted at all times?

It took me some years to recognize that bullshit for what it was.

However none of that is the point of this post.

Female Libido Supplements

Her Solution

Her Solution

The one thing that I absolutely refused to be ashamed of, and that remained my personal secret (though Lisa knew, of course) was how I felt when my body was in heat from sexual desire.

My pussy was so wet that if I'd been sitting on a chair, I'd have slid off it.

I simply refused to believe that anything that felt so good could be wrong. After all, it was my body's natural reaction and if, as my church taught, God had made, or at least designed us all, then what had happened to me was what was supposed to happen.

But although I started masturbating almost immediately after that experience, I never again quite felt that absolute loss of control that came with my pussy feeling like it was melting into a hot pool of liquid.

And as I got older and progressed to actual real sex, that feeling seemed to recede further and further, until I thought I'd never experience it that massive increase in female libido ever again.

Until I discovered supplements specifically formulated to do exactly that.

Two in particular.

I want you to check out Her Solution (Click Here) and try it out using their 2 month money-back guarantee just like I did. We are all different and there's no guarantee that what worked for me will work for you. But you've got nothing to lose and immense pleasure to gain.

Her Solution Gel

HerSolution Gel

Oh my, I just love this stuff.

An instant turn-on cream, it's the perfect companion to Her Solution.

I love the feel of it as I rub it around and into my intimate folds and the way it brings back that immediate desire.

Love making is simply more intense. All sensation is increased and the orgasm when it comes is mind-blowing.

I want you to check out Her Solution Gel (Click Here) and try it in conjunction with Her Solution. Both have a 2 month money back guarantee.

One will increase your libido so that you really want sex and the other will have your pussy insisting that you want sex NOW.

So can you increase female libido with supplements? My short answer from personal experience is yes, absolutely.

Emily Freeman

About the author

My name is Emily and, while I was a very repressed girl growing up, I love to be able to say that I now adore sex and sex play in all of its manifestations. I believe that the only unnatural sexual choice is abstinence and the only sex crime is coercion. I'm going to use this site to tell you about my sexual beliefs, practices and experiences.

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