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Better Sleep and Sex

By Phil Lancaster

November 18, 2020

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Better Sleep and Sex

My friend Alain Gonzales has created a very successful business marketing his own supplements for men's health, using all natural ingredients.

He is an advertisement for his own products, having converted his body over the years from a weak, "skinny/fat" dude to a jacked, six pack guy that you'd hesitate to tangle with.

But I didn't realize the importance he placed on good sleep until he told me this story from when he was starting up his supplements business:


"Hey Phil, you were asking me about when I was starting up. Here's something I haven't told a lot of people.

Before I went full-time with my new supplements store, I was balancing an 8-hour job (let’s be’s more like 10-12 hours nowadays) and then I was rushing home to have dinner with the wife and kids. Then...

I'd work on the business for a couple of hours and squeeze in a workout before I could even think about sleep.

This worked for a couple months.

But this stress and lack of time created a ticking time bomb inside of me.

I felt like I had to “disarm” my jitters and insomnia because every day…

My head would be spinning!

I felt restless despite being dead-tired throughout the day.

It really hit me when I realized that my inability to relax and experience deep sleep affected every aspect of life:

  • My boss had a few “stern talks” with me about my performance...
  • I felt drained of energy and testosterone, so I was like a zombie 24/7
  • My wife even chuckled that my “member” was "dying out"

Yes, that actually happened. And I’m embarrassed to admit it.

This pattern continued until I found my wife sobbing at the edge of our bed…

Questioning if I still found her attractive.

That was the last straw.

Desperate for a solution, I soon discovered that there’s a condition called “catabolic sleep”.

Based on advice by Alan Shindel, medical doctor and clinical instructor of andrology at the University of California at San Francisco...

Catabolic sleep shrinks your testosterone and makes you weak, fat, and sluggish between the sheets.

Once I learned that catabolic sleep isn’t just about sleep…

But about living up to my role as a man and father in everyday life…

I swore to make a change.

My experiences led me to formulate Pitch Black.

This is the revolutionary deep sleep formula that fixes catabolic sleep to...

Skyrocket testosterone, awaken your sleepy “member”, and give you a consistent stream of energy until you’re ready to sleep like a baby.

Pitch Black is my #1 best-selling supplement for a reason. It's the best natural sleep aid on The Planet.

Stay Jacked Mate,


And Here's Some More Thoughts Around the Same Subject:

Could it really be possible for 4 hours of sleep to be better than 8?

I’m sure you’ve heard you need 7-9 hours of sleep per night.

And sure, that’s not bad advice.

But if you’re like the other 35% of people who don’t get enough sleep every night because of an exhausting job, family life, or biological issues…

There’s a way to multiply the effectiveness of the hours you sleep…

Without actually sleeping more hours!

Research published in sleep and biological rhythms studied groggy adults who complained about poor sleep.

Compared to the placebo group, the ones taking 3 g of glycine felt…

Less fatigue, more clear-headedness, and a ‘pep in their step’ that they haven’t experienced in a long time.

The best part is they slept the same exact amount as the ones getting poor sleep.

The truth is that sleep quality is just as important (or even more important) than sleep quantity.

And it turns out, improved sleep quality can reverse erectile dysfunction, ramp up testosterone, and help you pack on shirt-ripping muscle mass too.

That’s why I include 3 g of glycine in my bedtime sleep formula.

So if you only have 24 hours in a day but need more sleep (and gains), then grab my industry-leading deep sleep/T-boosting formula by visiting the link below.

I’ve talked about my deep sleep formula, Pitch Black, quite a bit lately.

It’s been flying off the shelves.

But there are a handful of people who have their doubts about whether my supplement even works.

If me changing my own life with Pitch Black isn’t enough proof…

Just see what our Pitch Black customers have to say:

“After taking Pitch Black product, it is not a gimmick I’ll tell you that. The product is legit. I am glad I found a place that is natural.

Pitch Black made me feel rejuvenated after a deep sleep. It is good stuff.”

- Zack (verified buyer)

“I needed something for muscle recovery and to help me sleep; It's hard to find something with both mixed into a supplement.

I finally purchased Pitch Black and tried it recently.

Not only did it help me fall asleep but I woke up feeling like I slept longer than I did. Definitely recommend, And will buy another one.”

- Will (verified buyer)

“This is my second tub of Pitch Black and I love it. I am 34, based in Barcelona with a busy professional work life and regularly doing sports.

I am in the best shape of my life and this is mostly due to carefully looking at my food and sleeping better. Pitch Black has been key to helping me get good high quality sleep, and the difference is amazing!”

- Richard (verified buyer)

“For me this product is a game changer. It helps me unwind after a hard day at work and a brutal session at the gym.

It also helps me feel less sore The following day. I highly recommend pitch black for those who need a little help with their recovery.”

- Christopher (verified buyer)

“I bought this for my boyfriend who was hopeless regarding constant muscle pain and cramping. Since taking this product almost every night he said he can notice his muscles cramping significantly less the next day after taking the product at night. I will be reordering for him!”

-Dakota Yergey (verified buyer)


Thank you for all the positive reviews.

As you can see, Pitch Black is proven to help you get deep “anabolic sleep”, skyrocket testosterone, pack on more muscle and strength instead of fat, boost libido, and so much more!

Yes, deep sleep really is that crucial for getting jacked…

As well as for drastically improving every aspect of your life.

I’d even go as far to say that Pitch Black is the only TRUE testosterone booster supplement on the market.

Grab Your Tub of Pitch Black Here

Stay Jacked,



Still not convinced? Well...

I am so confident in this product that I am offering a 365-day, no questions asked Money Back Guarantee.

You can literally use the entire bottle and if it doesn't work for you...I'll refund your entire payment and you won't even have to send us the open bottle.

Try Pitch Black at No Risk!

Phil Lancaster

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At 78 years old (in 2022) I do 100km bike rides, bench press more than my own body weight and can hold a 5 minute plank. I almost never get sick and weigh the same as I did as an 18 year old athlete. While I try to eat as healthy as possible, I understand that a modern, hectic lifestyle means that boosting my well-being with natural supplements can pay dividends.

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